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This extremely novel taco shop comes complete with a gold “Champions Booth” where you can eat with full service if you make a reservation. Mexican wrestling or “Lucha libre” paraphernalia is all around the taco shop and there is always a Mexican wrestling b-film playing on the TV. The food, naturally, is suited for champions.

Opened in 2008 by two brothers, Jose Luis, Maurilio, and Diego Rojano-Garcia, this Mexican wrestling-themed restaurant reflects their passion for all things related to Lucha Libre. From the colorful decor of original artwork that adorns the walls to the exciting and vibrant menu options.

The term Lucha Libre refers to a style of wrestling that was created in Mexico. It loosely translates to mean loose wrestling. The contestants conceal their faces in colorful and elaborate masks. The wrestlers will often incorporate fast techniques and acrobatic movements into their routines.

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Get the Surfin California burrito with their signature white sauce. It will not disappoint.

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