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Loy's Station Covered Bridge

Rocky Ridge, Maryland

First built around 1848, this bridge was destroyed by arson, but original timbers are included in the replacement. 


Named for an old rail station, this bridge was originally a single span but now features a pier at the midpoint. The bridge was constructed using a multiple kingpost design. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

This bridge has taken a beating over the years. In 1991, an arsonist attempting to file a fraudulent insurance claim against the bridge parked a truck inside of it and set it ablaze. A huge outpouring of time and energy from the local community in the form of fundraising helped to save the bridge.

After a debate ensued over whether to rebuild the bridge to its original specifications or to use reinforcements as had been done during a renovation around 1930, the latter option was chosen. The bridge was rebuilt on the parts of its frame that had survived the fire. Three years later, the bridge was re-opened. The bridge was also struck by vehicles and damaged twice in 2013 but was quickly restored both times. 

Like the Roddy Road Covered Bridge, Loy’s Station also spans Owen’s Creek. A park featuring a walking path, a large pavilion, an expansive playground, ample picnic areas, open fields, and public restrooms sits adjacent to the bridge. The pavilion and restroom facilities are designed with a theme similar to the covered bridge.

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