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Leif Sonne's Bottled Beer Collection

The largest bottled beer collection in the world holds over 20,000 unique beer bottles. 


Since 1968, Leif Sonne has been collecting unopened bottles of beer of every style, brand, and country imaginable.  With over 22,000, he can now boast the largest beer collection in the world.

Leif Sonne, an engineer from the small town of Svendborg, began collecting bottles of unopened beer as a simple hobby in 1968. Beginning with easily obtainable European varieties, he eventually expanded to include beers from all over the world.  By 1990,  the collection had grown to over 10,000 unique bottles, and had outgrown Sonne’s house.

The collection was moved to the Carlsberg Brewery in Copenhagen in 1993 (fittingly, in fact, as a great deal of Sonne’s earliest acquisitions were made up of Carlsberg-affiliated brands), where it continued to expand under Mr. Sonne’s guidance.  By 2007, the collection had grown to more than 22,000 different bottles, and was certified by Guinness World Records to be the largest collection of bottled beer in the world.

Update as of August 2021: The Carlsberg Visitor Centre, including Leif Sonne’s Bottled Beer Collection, is closed indefinitely for renovations. 

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