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Gastro Obscura

Le Frigo

Walk through a restaurant's refrigerator door to reach this hidden bar. 


Bleu Nuit is a hip restaurant in Switzerland’s most populous French-speaking city, Geneva. Upon entering, you will notice unsuspecting diners enjoying their meal, most of whom never take note of the vintage fridge in the back of the establishment. The few who know what’s behind the refrigerator door head straight to the back, open it, and step inside. Should you follow them, you’ll end up at a hidden bar known as Le Frigo, or “The Fridge.”

Renowned bartender Olivia Hairay is behind the fridge bar. Once you’ve told her a little bit about your preferences, she’ll make a custom cocktail for you. Known for her inventive creations, Le Frigo’s head mastermind is sure to whip you up a drink that beats whatever you would’ve concocted from the ingredients in your own fridge. 

Know Before You Go

Le Frigo is open Wednesday through Saturday, from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. 

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