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Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic in the World

The 40-foot-tall votive candle is the largest of its kind. 


If you’re looking for the “World’s Largest” anything, Texas is a good place to start.

Host to all things grandiose, the size-queen state holds records in many things, but The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio is the only place that can claim the largest Virgin Mary mosaic in the world. 

The intricate mosaic pops to life in a half relief and features an eternal flame on top, giving it the appearance of the saint-adorned votive candles seen all throughout Catholic culture. Dedicated in 2004, the 4-story mosaic was created by artist Jesse Trevino, a Vietnam vet and prolific artist whose work depicting religious icons and Mexican American history can be seen all over the city.


Know Before You Go

Easy to find. Go during the day. Freely accessible from the street (no gates). Located at the corner of South Brazos Street and Guadalupe Street.

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