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Landsford Canal State Park

Fort Lawn, South Carolina

Amazing pre-Civil War ruins alongside a shallow, rocky river that hosts beautiful (but endangered) lilies. 


Landsford Canal was built 1820-1823 to accommodate river traffic around the shallow, rocky drop in the Catawba River.

The ruins of the canal are very well-preserved and intact, including several locks, culverts, bridges, and the lock keeper’s house (that has been moved from further downstream into the park itself). The park has described several hiking trails around the ruins that highlight both the stonework and the unusual plants of the area.

A newly created walking trail was designed to assist the crowds of people that visit to see the Rocky Shoals Spider Lilies. These endangered plants hold fast to the rocks in the shallows across the river. Every year, from mid-May to early June, the lilies bloom with huge numbers of beautiful white flowers.

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