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Källargränd urinoar (Källargränd Urinal)

A 130-year-old urinal is the oldest of Stockholm and perhaps all of Sweden.  


Stockholm’s old town is filled with historical buildings and relics, many of which are protected in one way or another. The oddest of these places might be a urinal that’s seen more than a century of active use. 

Cities changed dramatically over the course of the 20th century, but the urge to go has always been there, and always been something cities have had to deal with. The Källargränd Urinal dates to 1890, and was built right outside the old Stockholm stock exchange building, which now houses the Nobel Museum, dedicated to the winners of the prestigious prize. As urinal technology and design goes, it was pretty decadent, presumably because of the high expectations of the wealthy people who probably used it most. And the fact that it looks pleasant has probably helped it remain in place for all these years.

The toilet is known as the oldest in Stockholm, and perhaps is the oldest in all of Sweden. The urinal does appear in some historical records, including as a place for men to meet for sexual encounters. 

Know Before You Go

The toilet is freely accessible, though mostly useful for men.  

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