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Honey & Co. Bloomsbury

Feast on Middle Eastern mezze from an Israeli expat duo. 


Ottolenghi-trained couple Itmar Srulovic and Sarit Packer have created a place that embraces their Sephardic Jewish heritage, as well as Ashkenazic and Middle Eastern culinary traditions.

Brunch is an event, but thankfully not in the bottomless or boozy kind of way. The menu is set up to entice customers to choose the sharing option, an idea foundational to Jewish cooking no matter the diaspora. Think silky hummus, labneh, sweet tomatoes, and tangy pomegranates marinated in a mouth-puckering vinegar dressing. Olives, pickles, crunchy homemade granola, and date bread for nibbling make up the first course. 

The second course is for each individual to hover over, both hands engaged in holding a sandwich too good to be eaten with a knife and fork but far too messy to share. The feta cheesecake, which comes topped with honey-roasted walnuts, blueberries, and a drizzle of honey atop of a crunch bird’s nest-like kadaif crust, is irresistible. The menu and atmosphere encourage lingering, with no push to move on until at last three hours later, it’s no longer breakfast or even brunch but undeniably well past lunchtime. 

Active in community fundraising and with a tradition of hosting in-person informative events for those seeking employment, Honey & Co. is a direct reflection of the warmth and generosity of the owners themselves and their dedication to creating a welcoming space for everyone within the city. 

Know Before You Go

For Middle Eastern grilled meats and fish, pay a visit to sister restaurant Honey & Smoke. Honey & Spice, meanwhile, is a low-key deli offering to-go dips, tagines, and pantry staples.

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April 6, 2023

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