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Hermitage of Santa Margarita Crater

Santa Pau, Spain

Religious dwelling in a Spanish volcano. 


The image of the hermitage in the Santa Margarita Volcano has shown up on posters for sale across the internet world. Yet very little information is available on the stunning and minuscule dwelling.

Situated in the center of a dormant volcano in Olot, Spain, the crater seems to open up to reveal a tiny stone shack. There is not a single building in the depressed area, just the hermitage. Covered in dense vegetation on all sides, the shack is bizarrely situated on flat arid land in the middle of the formation.

The region is well known for its volcanic zone and is regularly visited, but there is almost no information on the hermitage. Travelers can only hope the volcano doesn’t suddenly erupt, leaving the world with no knowledge and no remains of this mysterious religious site.

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September 21, 2011

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