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Hermitage Hotel Men's Bathroom

This award-winning men's bathroom was just too beautiful to not allow women to see. 


Nashville’s historic Hermitage Hotel offers guests afternoon tea in the grand lobby, down-filled duvets, a 2,000-square-foot presidential suite, and most famously an award-winning set of toilets. 

Opened in 1910, the Hermitage is located flush in the middle of downtown Nashville, and features a number of gorgeous period flourishes. None are so applauded as the Art Deco-styled men’s restroom off the lobby. The public lavatory is the head (so to speak) of its class, having even been awarded “Restroom of the Year” (a nationwide accolade given by bathroom supply kings Cintas) on a number of occasions.

The lush bathroom is walled in gleaming lime-green-and-black leaded glass tiles, has lime-green fixtures, terrazzo flooring, and features a two-seat shoeshine station. Lest the beauty of the Hermitage’s septic architecture be lost on the fairer sex, the hotel now gladly welcomes women in to feast their eyes on the historic latrine.

Know Before You Go

Once you enter the Hermitage Hotel, turn to the right and go down the stairs to the Capital Grill and Oak Bar. The Men's Room is right off the hallway. If you can't find it, just ask! The urinals are wheelchair accessible.

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