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Neseblod Records

This record shop and unofficial black metal museum is an ode to Oslo's heaviest musical export.  


This unassuming storefront should be a top priority for any metal fan visiting Oslo. A record shop and unofficial metal museum in Norway’s capitol city, Neseblod Records (“nosebleed”) is also central in many regards to the early history of black metal. 

The record shop, originally named Helvete, was first opened in June 1991 by the late and now-infamous guitarist Euronymous. The term helvete is Norwegian for “hell,” and comes from the Norse hels víti, translating to “hell’s punishment.”

As co-founder and guitarist for the early Norwegian black metal band Mayhem, Euronymous was a central figure in the nascent music scene. He was the only constant member from the band’s formation in 1984 until his death in 1993. The basement of this early record store was a gathering spot for many of Euronymous’ friends and bandmates, making the space something of a mecca for black metal enthusiasts. 

Today, owner Kenneth “Neseblod” has gathered through Euronymous’ contemporaries enough objects connected to black metal’s early years to constitute a sort of makeshift museum in the basement. The tight upstairs space is packed wall to wall with vinyl records, cassette tapes, CDs, t-shirts, flags, and other sundry black metal paraphernalia.

 Update as of May 2024: A fire in the store damaged much of the basement museum.

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