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Havre Beneath the Streets

Havre, Montana

After Havre burned down, the best place to build was under the ashes. 


After most of the businesses above ground in Havre, MT burned down in 1904, the shopkeeps decided to reopen in their basements during the rebuilding process. A series of tunnels spiderweb underneath the city now, evidenced from above by the peculiar purple squares set into sidewalks around town.

Underneath Havre, business thrived. A soda fountain, bordello, saloon, butcher, dentist, and more all found employment underground.The underground, which was mostly built by Chinese workers, served as a haven for them and their own businesses, including an opium trade.

During Prohibition, the tunnels were useful for smuggling liquor to speakeasies, as well as providing hidden locations for distilling spirits.

Know Before You Go

Ticket office is located on 3rd Avenue, south of Norman’s Ranch Wear.

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