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Harvard Bridge Smoot Measurements

In 1958, an MIT fraternity pledge laid down on this bridge and instituted a new, unique unit of measurement.  

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Two of the world’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning lay claim to this charming bridge that spans the mighty Charles River. Whether you call it the Harvard Bridge or the MIT (Massachusettes Institute of Technology) Bridge, one thing is known for sure, its span was calculated using perhaps the most unusual system of measurement ever known, the Smoot.

While pledging to an MIT fraternity, Oliver Smoot dutifully laid down on the bridge one day in 1958, allowing his erstwhile brothers to measure his height (5 foot 7 inches at the time). This measurement was categorized as “one smoot.” Members of Lambda Chi Alpha then proceeded across the bridge, marking a total length of 364.4 smoots, give or take an ear.

In recent years, a plaque and colorful smoot markers have been added to the bridge. Google Maps has used the smoot unit in some of its calculations, and MIT’s student-run radio station broadcasts at a wavelength of two smoots.

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