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Garden of Constants

This whimsical campus lawn is dotted with large sculpted numbers and hidden mathematical formulas. 


Math and art are stereotypically seen as two opposite ends of a spectrum: You’re either a numbers person, or you’re doodling on the edges of your division homework. But this sculpture garden full of human-sized digits and hidden formulas shows the two subjects don’t always have to be separate.

The Garden of Constants at the Ohio State University is a fun surprise to stumble upon. The massive, colorful numbers bring a whimsical air to the lawn outside the engineering building. They’ve stood there since 1994, and have been making numbers look good ever since.

Once you’re done admiring the copper and bronze sculptures, turn your eyes to the ground. Hidden among the walkway, you’ll find pavers containing mathematical and formulaic constants. The formulas reflect the electrical engineering and computer science activities and classes that take place within the surrounding buildings.

Artist Barbara Grygutis is the mastermind behind the sculpture garden, which has been a constant hit on campus since it was installed. Her intention was to draw pedestrians into the art. Based on the people that tend to stop by and snap pictures of the large statues, it’s safe to say she accomplished her goal. Buckeyes  fans particularly like to pop inside the 0 for pictures because it resembles the university’s logo.

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Park in one of the visitor lots on campus and walk to this installation.

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