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Bloch Cancer Survivors' Plaza

This small plaza encourages people diagnosed with cancer to never give up hope.  


Guarding the entrance to this lovely little park is a curious statue of eight people making their way through gate-like squares.

No explanation is given, as the creator of the park believed that the meaning of the installation was completely self-evident. This has led some observers to believe that it’s a monument to dying well, with the gates representing death. However, it’s true meaning is a tribute to those who survived their battle with one of the world’s most dangerous diseases. 

The statue signifies cancer recovery. The symbolic maze of doorways represents the journey through successful treatment and recovery. Interestingly, the statue is the final work of famed Mexican sculptor Victor Salmones.

Other park highlights include a floating sphere fountain, with a polished two-ton granite sphere nestled atop a large boulder that freely rotates. There’s also a survivor’s walk filled with inspirational quotes.

Know Before You Go

Parking can be tricky, as the nearby parking lots all require Ohio State University parking passes. You can park near High Street and walk across the bridge. There are some parking meters by some of the nearby buildings. 

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