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Gveleti Waterfall

Hidden up a dusty track off the Georgian Military Road is this fascinating waterfall with mountainous views.  


The majority of tourists who visit the Kazbegi region in Northern Georgia travel to see the Gergeti Trinity Church, a famous church amid the backdrop of the spectacular Caucasus Mountains. Those who travel the short distance further up the Georgian Military Road are rewarded with this truly magnificent waterfall. 

Translated into English, Gveleti means “places of snakes,” a reminder to be aware of the wildlife in the area. Those who visit are often able to spot eagles, hawks, and Griffon vultures swooping through the steep valleys. 

Located a little over four miles (seven kilometers) from the town of Stepantsminda, the journey along the road to this waterfall allows travelers to also view the Dariali Gorge. There is a turn off the main road onto a smaller dirt road which is signposted. This road ventures past several abandoned cabins. Less than a mile up the road, it forks into two branches.

Take the branch on the right. A stone with a red arrow guides visitors to the Gveleti Waterfall. About 10 minutes after crossing a small bridge over the river, visitors will spot the water cascading off the steep cliffs.  

Know Before You Go

To get from Stepanstminda to the Gveleti Waterfalls there are no public transport links. The best way to get there is usually by taxi. There are many taxi drivers who wait in the small square in Stepanstminda and will offer competing prices to get to the starting point of the trail. The majority of drivers will offer to wait at the bottom while you take your time to take in the waterfalls and the surrounding mountains.  

There is a smaller waterfall which is also worth viewing if in the area. To see this, take the left turn at the fork and carry on up the smaller footpath. 

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