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Giant Peanut Monument is permanently closed.

Giant Peanut Monument

Ashburn, Georgia

Sometimes there's only one way to prove how proud you are of something so small—build a monument to tell the world. 


Turner County, Georgia is proud of its peanuts. Steeped in history, a flagship industry, and of course delicious, the peanut is something of a celebrity in this rural locale.

And with good reason. Peanuts are the county’s largest and most important agricultural product, and have been for as long as anyone around there can remember. Thus the need for a truly inspiring–or at least notable–monument to this tiny legume with a big impact.

The monument is dedicated Nora Lawrence Smith, a local journalist and citizen organizer who dedicated her life to the local community. Commemorating her with this monument is great symbolism, of course, because her dedication and impact was not dissimilar to that of the peanut itself.

Update October 2018: The monument was damaged during Hurricane Michael. Only the brick cylinder base is left; the toppled peanut and crown have been removed. Locals are currently trying to raise funds to fix it.

Update February 2021: Sadly, this attraction has been demolished and no longer exists.

Know Before You Go

Funding was finalized in August 2022 and Peanut is being rebuilt. The city hopes the rebuild will be complete by the summer 2023.

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