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Perched on the tip of Shelter Island Pier you’ll find Fathom Bistro, Bait, and Tackle. As the name implies, this establishment features a small restaurant and a bait and tackle shop under one roof.

The small, nautical-themed indoor seating area hosts an array of diving and underwater ephemera, such as vintage diving gear, authentic submarine plaques, maritime postcards, movie posters, vinyl records, and a large collection of National Geographic magazines. Owner Dennis Borlek hopes his clientele will choose the opportunity to peruse their pages instead of looking at their cell phones. Outdoor seating provides a unique view of downtown San Diego from across the bay as well as the opportunity to watch the locals fish off of the pier. 

Since opening in 2013, Borlek has strived to maintain a close relationship with all the beer suppliers on his carefully curated tap list. In terms of eats, the menu consists of various house-made sausages, including the innovative “Chicken Pot Pie,” a ground chicken and mixed veggie sausage served on a roll and smothered in turkey gravy. 

Beyond local food and drink, Fathom also offers a full-service bait and tackle shop for any of your fishing needs. Whether you just eat and drink or decide to cast a line as well, it has the supplies you need and the views you want.

Know Before You Go

It's closed on Mondays. The bathroom is public bathroom at entrance of the pier, so go before you walk all the way down. Parking is public parking at entrance of pier.

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