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False Crypts of Brashears Cemetery

Combs, Arkansas

There are no bodies inside these stone coffins. And there never were. 


Many have speculated about the purpose of false crypts like the ones at Brashears Cemetery. But it’s hard to say for certain, as people of their time period did not document the purpose for their carving and stylistic burial site choices.

This unusual grouping of coffin-shaped crypts seems to be only found in the Ozark region. The crypts do not contain any bodies, but perhaps serve as a memento mori—a reminder that all must die. Bodies were interred underneath the false crypts, unlike a traditional crypt which would entomb the remains. Regardless of their purpose, they are both rare and unusual to see.

Know Before You Go

This cemetery is very secluded and small. There is a modern section and the crypts are directly behind it. Be cautious of damp earth and getting stuck!

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