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'Evropska Unija'

This statue of a goat in boots is meant to represent the European Union. 


Although Serbia is not yet a member of European Union, its capital city of Belgrade can boast the weirdest statue dedicated to the EU.

Sculptor Dragan Radenović made this statue of a goat in boots with Coca-Cola bottles instead of udders. As he says, it represents the European Union (Evropska Unija) as a goat, but with a weird background story—some people with sick sexual fantasies put goats in boots, so that they could be higher, and in this case the person behind the goat is United States, although it could be ‘seen’ only through Coca-Cola bottles.

Radenović is known for creating controversial depictions of people including Steve Jobs, general Dragoljub Mihailović or Metamorfozis Konstantiniana in Niš, but also for celebrity statues such as Grace Kelly, Kirk Douglas, Luciano Pavarotti, Sophia Loren, and Winston Churchill. He also has his own park of sculptures in village of Grocka, Serbia. Dragan was also a candidate for a president of Serbia in 2002, but earned just 0.23% of votes.

Know Before You Go

The statue is located on Trg Oslobodilaca Žarkova, nine kilometers from center of Belgrade.

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