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Epic Campus

Verona, Wisconsin

Software company Epic Systems has created one of the strangest and largest workplaces of all time. 


One in two Americans is covered by a hospital that uses Epic Systems to run their software—over 150 million people. Unsurprisingly, Epic Systems, the corporation that created the medical software, has amassed a revenue of over $1.7 billion dollars a year. Their slogan? “Do good. Work hard. Have fun. Make money.”

With all of this money, and the subsequent decision to relocate their campus from Madison, Wisconsin, to Verona, a suburb with more open space, they had the resources to create whatever workplace they wanted.

Judy Faulkner, the CEO of Epic, deemed the most successful female technology company founder alive today, could be called a lunatic or a visionary for how she designed her campus. Here is what you’ll see every day when working at Epic:

A red treehouse serving as a conference room, a crashing blue waterfall flows under a wooden bridge, bright yellow picnic benches for lunch, a moat and a medieval drawbridge between modern glass buildings, an annual tug of war, a staircase surrounded by bamboo, underground tunnels, skyways, a gourmet meal named after a constellation, two giant cactuses, a snake stretching dozens of feet, an intricately designed wizard-themed Harry Potter-esque room, a giant auditorium five stories underground that seats 11,000, hundreds of solar panels, sculptures of seals and elephants, a tin man on a bench, a life-size Grand Central Station complete with walk-in train cars, an Indiana Jones themed hallway, the Blues Brothers in wax, and a farm campus with a four-story barn, milk jugs, butter churns, and lots of tractors.

The list goes on. The campus is something like a city out of a fantasy novel and with a workforce of nearly 10,000, it has grown to be larger than the city of Verona itself. When building materials aren’t quite right, Faulkner donates them, like the 300,000 bricks that didn’t quite meet her color preferences that went on to build the nearby Verona Public High School.

The Epic corporation is only getting bigger. What other unusual additions might be made with more money and more employees to entertain one can only guess at!

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