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Founded in 1955 by professional golfer George Vitense, the distinct features of the larger golf and entertainment center are the three 18-hole miniature golf courses. Set on the outskirts of this college town, you’ll find a quirky pairing of two full outdoor courses themed around the state of Wisconsin and California, plus an indoor course themed around the city of Madison.

When Vitense first bought the land, which had originally been a farm, he had a vision. He wanted to create a golf course that would be fun for players of any age and skill level. And that’s exactly what Vitense Golfland has become over more than half a century of operations.

Each course is jam-packed full of fiberglass characters, traditional mini golf features like windmills and lighthouses, and themed environments. The charming and eclectic mix of mid-20th century kitsch would be fun on its own, but on numerous holes, you’re given the option to physically take slides, climb walls, and zip along various paths to the cup. It’s a combination playground and mini golf course that even includes a massive hot dog-shaped tube slide.

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A 9-hole real golf course, driving range, climbing wall, batting cages, golf simulators, volleyball courses, and other facilities are on-site as well.  

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