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Eden Killer Whale Museum

Eden, Australia

A microcosm of the whaling industry in a small Australian town. 


Six hours south of Sydney, the small seaside town of Eden features a whaling museum with exquisite artifacts from over a century of whaling in the community.

The museum opened in 1936 with a skeleton of the killer whale “Tom” as its focal point. Over time, the museum has acquired more whale bones, including the jawbones of a blue whale. (Measured by volume, the blue whale is the largest animal ever known to have existed.) The museum now has more than 5,000 artifacts of whales and whaling life.

Sadly, whaling is a big part of the history of whales throughout the world. This museum features paraphernalia of the industry, such as a tuna-poling machine and large boats.

The museum also hosts exhibitions. Currently, one exhibition focuses on blue whales and their dwindling numbers, and another presents the history of the timber industry in the New South Wales region of Australia.

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