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Dragon House

An eccentric home stands out in an otherwise average neighborhood with mosaics, mini topiaries, and kinetic sculpture. 


While not exactly a secret, this private home with a decorative edge on the neighbors is not a well-known sight for tourists, as it’s a bit off the main thoroughfare. Nestled deep in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento, the so-called “Dragon House” is a feast for the eyes in an otherwise drab suburban landscape.

A few blocks from the main drag in the concrete sprawl that is California’s state capital stands the mosaic home of an unnamed couple that had been painstakingly working on their home for almost 20 years.

From the minuscule, highly detailed landscaping to the building’s ornate tile work, each detail contributes to a far east feel. The side of the building is adorned with a massive mosaic dragon weaving between the windows, and an intensely staring white tiger seems almost ready to pounce. The tiles that make up the exterior of the home take on countless shapes, sizes, and colors, depicting fairies, owls and frogs, each piece handcrafted individually.

With a stained-glass fence, kinetic sculptures in the yard and every inch of the home covered in an original design, every aspect of the building –power box and garage included- is infected with their charms.

This is a private home, so please enjoy, but please don’t disturb.

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