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Dixie Brewing Company is permanently closed.

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Dixie Brewing Company

This relatively recently abandoned brewery is a tragic reminder of the continuing effects of Hurricane Katrina. 


The Dixie Brewing Company was a regional brewery founded in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1907 and churned out its locally produced libation for nearly 100 years before its brewery was ruined by flooding and looting. 

Iconic and monolithic, the large industrial brewhouse was evacuated when the levees broke, flooding much of New Orleans. In the rushed chaos of the ensuing weeks, looters took to the unguarded building and stole pieces of the brewing equipment and nearly everything else of value at the site. Between the looting and the damage to the building and the remaining equipment, the brewery could no longer function when the waters finally receded and production had to be contracted out to other breweries costing a number of people their jobs and moving a long time New Orleans business out of the area.

The brewery has been renovated into medical offices and the brewery has been renamed to the Faubourg Brewing Company, which means neighborhood in French. 

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This place no longer exists. The brewery has moved to another location and this location was demolished. They built a different building here now.

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