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Williston, Florida

Devil's Den

The scuba diving training facility was named for the steam that rises from the cave's chimney. 

Devil’s Den is a karst window, in which the roof over a subterranean river has collapsed, exposing the water to the open surface. Located near Williston, Florida, it is privately owned and operated as a scuba diving training and recreational facility.

The pleasant year-around temperature of 72 degrees in the Den allows comfortable diving, winter or summer. On cold winter mornings you can see steam, like smoke, rising from the cave’s chimney — the reason that early settlers called the place Devil’s Den.

Know Before You Go

Devil’s Den Spring is only open to scuba divers and snorkelers - not swimmers, casual visitors or children under 6 years old. No pets or animals are allowed, as the owners have their own pets/animals on the property and do not want confrontations with outside animals.

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