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Having access to a computer, be it mobile or stationary, is essential to most people’s everyday lives. People often tend to forget just how far we’ve come in terms of technological prowess when paying bills, listening to a ’60s psychedelic rock playlist, or buying last-minute toilet paper from an online service.

Visiting the Computer Museum of America is an illuminating experience into the history of technology. You’ll discover how past generations processed information, early forms of computers, and just how humanity managed to land a person on the Moon.

The museum was started by tech-enthusiast Lonnie Mimms and it represents just a fraction of his collection. The Computer Museum of America opened in July 2019, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing.

With its enormous—and growing—collection of vintage supercomputers, personal computers, computer peripherals, and general computer memorabilia, you’re sure to find something truly impressive. Whether it be the revolutionary original Pong cabinet, the world-famous Apple II, or if you’re into some of the more deep-cuts, the large selection of Cray high-performance computers, perhaps you’ll have a better understanding of just how important the world of computing is.

Current exhibits include the STEAM Timeline, a Tribute to Apollo 11, Supercomputers, an Enigma machine, the BYTE Magazine wall, and more. 

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