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Casa de Polvora Millstones

The millstones of an ancient Portuguese gunpowder factory have been kept on display at Old Goa. 


During the Portuguese Era, Old Goa (also known as Velha Goa) served as the capital before it was eventually shifted to Panaji.

During those days, a gunpowder factory was established in Panelim, a suburb of Old Goa. It was built by the then Viceroy Dom Francisco da Gama. It was set up in 1630 and was used to supply gunpowder to the other Portuguese colonies of that era. Later, the factory was shut down in 1869.

The millstones recovered from the factory site have been displayed at Old Goa, near the Archaeological Museum building. According to an expert study, the Portuguese imported these millstones from Belgium.

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The millstones have been kept to the west of the Archaeological Museum building.

Next to these millstones, there is a small open-air museum that has a collection of old stone artifacts. Some of these artifacts are tombstones, ornamental stone pieces,  and inscriptions of various coats of arms,.

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