Café in the Crypt – London, England - Gastro Obscura

The easiest way to identify St. Martin-in-the-Fields Church is its signature spire. But what truly makes the church unique lies far below and can’t be seen from the street. A short ride down the street-level elevator will take visitors to the church crypt. There, beneath the brick-vaulted ceilings and amidst gravestones, they’ll find a café. 

When it was originally constructed in 1726, the church’s builders likely never imagined that its crypt would become a spot to grab coffee, tea, and baked goods. To be fair, most of the bodies were removed in the 1800s, but the cavernous space still features historic statues and tombstones. 

In addition to the café, the crypt also includes a gallery and gift shop, and sometimes hosts jazz concerts. The hidden spot is a wonderful place to recharge after exploring Trafalgar Square.

Know Before You Go

Please remember to be respectful of your surroundings.