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Bosco the Dog Mayor

Sunol, California

The black lab that was voted mayor of a California town is forever remembered by a life-size statue. 


Sitting outside of the post office in Sunol, California there is a bronze bust of a black dog named Bosco, but more than just a memorial for a beloved pet, this statue is actually a representation of one of the town’s former mayors. 

Full name Bosco Ramos, the black labrador retriever generally known simply as Bosco may have been the only dog to ever serve as an American mayor. The pet of the local Stillman family, Bosco was nominated for the office as a joke, but ended up beating out two actual humans who would have liked to have been voted honorary mayor. The friendly black dog held his office from 1981, until his dying day in 1994. While the community fondly remembered the loyal beast, it was not until 2008 that the life-size statue was installed.  

During his tenure, Bosco was essentially let to carouse around the town, so now in addition to the statue outside the post office remembering the animal’s legacy, there are reportedly a number of black puppies that appeared to continue his bloodline.   

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