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Big Ant

Designed by artist Pro Hart, built elsewhere in 1980. 


Australia is home to more than just a couple of big things. The Big Ant is only one of a loosely related set of about 150 sculptures and large structures sprinkled across the country. Most of these, the Big Ant included, serve as the country’s top tourist traps and can be found along major roads and highways or between some of the major travel destinations.

Built in 1980 at the Stephens Creek Hotel, the Big Ant was designed by artist Pro Hart. The statue was eventually moved to its current location in Broken Hill, but only after it was donated to the city in 1990 to stand alongside the Tourist Information Centre. Today, the ant is also located near the Broken Hill Pro Hart Gallery, which makes sense given its original creator and its job as the most obvious representation of the city’s artistic spirit.

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