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Bicycle Heaven

With 3,000 bikes on display, the world's largest bicycle museum includes some famous rarities.  


If you’ve ever wanted to see Pee Wee Herman’s famous bicycle, or the largest collection of the all-fiberglass Bowden Spacelander bikes, this repurposed Pittsburgh industrial warehouse has you covered. 

An 1863 Boneshaker at the entrance kicks off the world’s largest bicycle museum, Bicycle Heaven. For bike enthusiasts, this place lives up to its name. Craig Morrow’s sprawling collection of over 3,000 bicycles and bike memorabilia spans two floors in the warehouse shop, displaying rare and famous specimens, many models of antique bicycles dating to the 19th century, and paraphernalia like horns, oil lamps, and sirens.

The bike from Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure is on display next to a rare Columbia Double Eagle, a small bicycle built for two. Some donated bicycles also have placards written by those who donated them, telling of their history and the joys of those who owned and rode them. Also on display are very rare Bowden Spacelanders, fiberglass frame bicycles built by British automotive engineer Benjamin Bowden. Only 544 were made, just over 30 are known to exist. Craig has collected 17, and eight of these are on display at the museum.

Bicycle Heaven is also a working bike shop. Here in the company of such rarities, anyone can bring their own beloved bike in for a tune-up.

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