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Bangkok's Ghost Tower: The Sathorn Unique is permanently closed.

Bangkok's Ghost Tower: The Sathorn Unique

On stormy days debris from this unfinished and abandoned skyscraper rains down on the Bangkok streets. 


The Sathorn Unique skyscraper is among the major construction projects started when Thailand’s economy was booming in the 1990s. Developers envisaged a city of gleaming offices and residential skyscrapers that were to be a testament to the nation’s rapid development.

Then Thailand sank into a swamp of reckless investments and unpaid debts that became known as the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. The country’s economy contracted 10% in 1998 and many of the building projects came to a crashing halt, including this 49-story tower. Many towers have finally come to completion and construction is continuing, however many broke developers are still unable or unwilling to take action.

The Sathorn Unique has an eerie feel, with exposed infrastructure giving it a post-apocalyptic look. According to one blogger, abandoned rooms were filled with curious objects, from mannequins to a picture of the King. Locals say that the building is haunted.

Have a look at the building’s commercial brochure:

“Sathorn Unique Tower is our first residential project in downtown Bangkok. The tower is 49 stories with the total of 659 residential units and 54 retails, located only less than 200 meters from BTS: Taksin station. Sathorn Unique Tower is also located at the edge of old commercial town of Charernkrung meets the new international business zone of Silom-Sathorn roads. It sits on the horse-shoe bend which is considered the best place for overlook at the Bangkok’s grand cityscape and the charm of the Chaopraya River.”

Getting to the top terrace of the building is possible, but it is absolutely not a good idea, and the structure is fragile and bares many holes in the floors. Instead, check out the tower’s 10-storey high car park, just opposite to the building (North side of the tower). 

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Know Before You Go

This place is off limits. As of June 2016, a fence made of corrugated tin now surrounds the tower, and there's plenty of signs indicating that trespassers will be prosecuted. It's not impossible to get in, but it's certainly illegal. There are people working or living within the corrugated walls of the Sathorn depsite its rundown state. It is infinitely disconcerting to see the shadows shifting on the high ceilings and a face peering out at you from between the metal sheets. So trek wisely.

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