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Bali Hito

The tiniest tiki room in San Diego. 


Taking up one half of the small front porch of a local storefront, Bali Hito is San Diego’s tiniest tiki room. This little hideaway seats a maximum of two people and is extravagantly decorated with hanging pufferfish, luscious plant-life, a waterfall, and an assortment of tikis of various shapes and sizes. A vintage speaker mounted on the back wall contributes to the ambiance, piping in an eclectic exotica playlist.

Bali Hito is tucked within Warshaw’s Provisions corner shop, and this minuscule tiki room is a must-see while you’re out exploring the city’s South Park neighborhood. The shop started out solely as a retail space for midcentury fireplaces but has grown to offer much more. In the last couple years, it’s expanded to include the tiny tiki room, turned its walls into a fine art gallery, and now sells an array of other curious, well-curated items (including black velvet Sleestak paintings!).

The owner, Dave Warshaw, is a San Diego native, graphic artist, musician, and semi-retired tattoo artist. His eccentric and refreshingly explosive personality is just as standout as his 6’5” frame and wolfman-esque chops. If you’re nice to him, he just might let you sit in the ’70s-style egg chair to listen to your favorite song, so don’t forget to bring your favorite playlist. 

Know Before You Go

Only a few minutes from both downtown or Balboa Park, South Park is one of San Diego's most beloved neighborhoods. Street parking only. Bonus: Check out the Shepard Fairey mural on the building across the street from Bali Hito.

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