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Ace of Clubs House

Texarkana, Texas

$10,000 won in a poker game in 1884 allowed James Draughon to build this intriguing home. 


Local legend holds that the house was built by owner Confederate Veteran Captain James Draughon who won $10,000 in a poker match with an ace of clubs. Draughon happened to be a local lumberman and with his earnings set out to build a mansion befitting of its origin.

Three families lived in the ‘Ace of Clubs’ house through its span as a residence. The last owners of the home, The Moores, donated the house to the Texarkana Museum System in 1985.

The house was remodeled beginning in 1987 and has operated solely as a museum since. The rooms are ornate and extravagant, a truly unique home inhabited for almost 100 years, built on the luck of the “ace of clubs.”

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