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A Rat Lover's Tour of the World

15 places where rodents are celebrated, feared, preserved, and studied.

How we humans react to a rodent largely depends on where we meet it. In our homes, it’s most often an unwelcome visitor—unless it’s kept as an endearing pet. But outside our personal space, we’re free to be charmed or intrigued (or terrified, or disgusted) by these furry creatures who are prone to appear seemingly out of nowhere.

It’s certainly in part the elusiveness of these tiny, toothy mammals that’s long inspired a curiosity, or in some cases, even a morbid fascination. Just consider the bridge built for squirrels to safely cross the road, or the countless mice, gophers, and other small creatures carefully preserved in strange taxidermy vignettes and curious sculptures. For the rodent-lovers among us, here are 15 places around the world where our smallest furry friends are the main attraction.