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9 Restaurants Where You Can Dine Among the Dead

Nourish your stomach and soul.

There are plenty of precedents for dining among the dead. After what was likely a public viewing of King Midas’s coffin, ancient Phrygian mourners ate spicy stew, then sealed the king in his tomb. During the rural cemetery movement of the 1800s, Americans picnicked beside the graves of loved ones. And today, Mexican families bring food to panteones as offerings for returning spirits and for their own nourishment on Day of the Dead. 

But there’s no need to wait for a holiday or funeral to participate in this ancient tradition; there are several restaurants open year-round that operate inside cemeteries, crypts, and crematories. In England, drinkers can sip their lager at one of the only pubs to exist on consecrated ground. In India, diners eat among 12 coffins at a restaurant where the dead are considered good luck. And in Florida, two establishments allow patrons to enjoy their food and brews among the graves of beloved animals.

Here are nine restaurants where you can nourish your stomach and soul among the dead.