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Supper Is Supernatural at These 9 Haunted Restaurants

At these bars and eateries, eerie history is on the menu.

If some people are to be believed, restless spirits can be found just about everywhere. While one practically expects to find a wayward poltergeist lurking around a dilapidated mansion or foreboding castle, it seems that the undead also have a penchant for hanging out in livelier places, namely restaurants and bars. 

Skeptics might say that the patrons who claim to have had their bottoms pinched by a mischievous spirit named Mr. Bubbly in the oldest gay bar in New Orleans might have just had one too many Sazaracs. Or maybe they’d insist that dining in the space where the drowned victims of The Titanic were embalmed holds no risk for the living.

But whether you’re a believer or not, reports of spectral appearances often become part of the macabre aura surrounding these places. The only way to find out if they’re truly haunted is to visit for yourself—if you dare.