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Off-Centered Ale Trail: Denver

Points of interest a mile high from Atlas Obscura and Dogfish Head Brewery.

Denver is home to a fascinating beer tradition and our first Ale Trail stop in the Mile High City captures a piece of that history. It’s the Miller Building on Larimer Street, which was a famous saloon in the 1800s. Once Prohibition came along, it became one of Denver’s most storied speakeasies, not-so-convincingly moonlighting as an ice cream parlor.

Elsewhere in the city, we’re thinking about Dogfish Head Brewery’s Flesh and Blood IPA at Cheesman Park, a beautifully landscaped park built over thousands and thousands of untended graves. We’re catching glimpses of the surrounding mountains and 60 Minute IPA at the beloved sundial in Cranmer Park. And we’re celebrating the spirit of both SeaQuench Ale and a remarkable woman at the home of “The Unsinkable” Molly Brown.

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