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12 Extraordinary Jewish Restaurants Around the World

A global map of diverse delights.

Around the world, the Jewish diaspora has created new culinary delights. The resulting global menu is an incredible hybrid of heritage and new, local flavors. In Rome, the oldest bakery in the city’s Jewish ghetto makes a unique biscotti-like treat known as pizza ebraica. Meanwhile, in Kolkata, a small storefront has been slinging caraway cookies to the local Baghdadi Jewish community for over a century. 

In many cases, these establishments are more than just restaurants. They are community centers for Jewish families that are also beloved among gentile neighbors. Jewish delis, for example, are now storied symbols of New York City. And Rome’s pizza ebraica? Its popularity reached all the way to the Vatican when it became the favorite dessert of Pope Benedict XVI. 

Whether it’s the warm comfort of matzoh ball soup or the beauty of perfectly-braided challah, here are seven restaurants, bakeries, and delis that showcase the delicious variety of Jewish cuisine.