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It's Barbie's World in These 21 Perfectly Pink Places

From cotton candy–colored castles to rosy lakes and pink sand beaches.

Barbie’s first home was a mid-century ranch that she bought in 1962. The bachelorette pad had a bright yellow inside with blue paneling on the outside, and the walls were made out of cardboard (so was all the furniture). Over the decades that followed, both Barbie and her Dreamhouse changed quite a bit. The 2023 version is bigger and brighter, with space for all the hobbies and careers that Barbie has accumulated since her debut in 1959.

The pink plastic wonderland will also be hitting the big screen later this month when Barbie arrives in movie theaters. It features a life-sized version of the dollhouse that has inspired Barbie fans for generations. (One version of the Dreamhouse is even available to rent on Airbnb.)

In honor of Barbara Millicent Roberts and her signature color, we’ve gathered some of our favorite pink places from around the world. In Bangladesh, a bubblegum pink palace sits on the banks of the Buriganga river. In the south of France, an aristocrat’s former villa looks like a real-world version of one of Barbie’s Dreamhouses. It’s not just buildings, either. All over the world, you can find naturally-occurring pink landscapes, from rosy-hued lakes to pink sand beaches.