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Cow udder is enjoying a resurgence as a sandwich filler in Rotterdam.

In the Netherlands, the udder of a cow was once considered offal and generally reserved for the poor. Cooks would thoroughly clean the organ, cook it for hours in a lightly seasoned broth, then fry or bake it. The fatty, chewy meat, known as uierboord, was often flavored with salt and pepper, then served in slices on bread.

When other meat became cheaper and more readily available, uierboord lost its affordable appeal and all but disappeared from the culinary map. However, udder experienced a nostalgia-fueled resurgence in Rotterdam in the 1990s. Several butchers across the city now serve it both raw and prepared. It also makes the occasional appearance on restaurant menus: The Old Dutch, an upscale Rotterdam eatery, hosts a special uierboord dinner the first Wednesday of April.

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