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In Armenia, hangovers call for a hearty soup of boiled cow hooves.

If you find yourself suffering after a long night of drinking in Armenia, do what the locals do and tuck into a gelatinous bowl of khash. This particular dish is found in various forms across the Caucasus region, but packs a hearty, caloric punch regardless of the locale.

This traditional dish of boiled-down cow hooves (and sometimes other parts, such as tripe) was originally served during the winter months as a savory comfort food. Commonly served in the morning alongside mulberry vodka (for some “hair of the dog” hangover relief), Armenia’s warmed stew has a tasty and savory flavor. Depending on where you’ve ordered it, you’ll be served a variety of side items to add to the bowl of strong-smelling cow hooves, such as garlic, vinegar, cinnamon, and radishes. 

Look through the medieval Armenian khash recipes, and you’ll notice the emphasis on the cleaning of the hooves. The animal’s feet are cleaned, cut, and kept under cold running water for 10 hours before the boiling process can begin (the dish’s name originates from the Armenian verb khashél, which means “to boil”). Once the meat has been thoroughly cleaned, it is then boiled until the water becomes gelatinous and the meat begins to fall off the bones.

The next time you’ve had a long night in Armenia, try tucking into this soup. The hefty helping of calories and protein will have you feeling ready to be up and exploring in no time.

Where to Try It
  • Known for their emphasis on culture and traditional cuisine, this restaurant also features traditional Armenian singing and dancing table-side. Call ahead, as they get busy. Open 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.