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Drob de Miel

This haggis-meatloaf mashup is a Romanian Easter classic.

Every Easter in Romaniadrob de miel is the star of the dinner table. As lamb figures prominently in the Christian holiday (Jesus Christ is considered the “lamb of god,” who sacrificed himself), the dish, also known as “lamb haggis,” utilizes many parts of the symbolic animal.

When it comes to sacrificial lamb, Romanian chefs aren’t sacrificing on flavor. To prepare drob, cooks boil the animal’s kidneys, heart, and liver with vegetables (the broth will also be used to make Easter soup). Then, they mince the cooked offal and mix it with garlic, onions, parsley, dill, soaked bread, and raw egg to form a filling. After plopping several hard-boiled eggs inside the mixture, cooks wrap everything in caul (the fatty membrane that enclosed the animal’s internal organs) and bake it in the oven. Modern renditions also use pasta sheets or puff pastry in place of caul, baked in similar fashion. Families enjoy the finished dish in slices, akin to meatloaf.

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