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Carbonnade à la Flamande

Belgium's stew of beef and abbey-style ale is essentially bourguignon for beer lovers.

Why pair a hearty beef stew with a rich beer when you can just make one with the other? Similar in concept to a French bourguignon dish, Carbonnade à la Flamande stews large beef cubes in brown or red beer for a uniquely hearty taste. 

This simple stew requires three primary ingredients: beef, beer, and onions. The beef is cut into large chunks, cooked with onions, and then the whole meal is simmered in a brown or red abbey-style ale. Other important ingredients include a hint of sweetness provided by brown sugar or jelly, and some pronounced sour notes from added vinegar. The stew is often served with a side that can soak up the beery sauce, such as noodles or fries. 

Simple, traditional, and easy to find across Belgium, Carbonnade à la Flamande seems like the perfect food to cap off a night of beer drinking, or maybe even better the morning after. 

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