Last week, in the Blue Hills Reservation outside Boston, two teens and a 21-year-old set out to look for unidentified flying objects and got hopelessly lost.

They were, it’s safe to say, rather unprepared. One wore slippers—not the right footwear for the rocks and branches and undergrowth of the woods. Their phones weren’t fully charged. And they had no flashlights. After reaching the top of a hill and realizing they did not know where they were, and were surrounded by darkness, they decided to call for help.

The Boston Globe identified the trio as Ramona DiFrancesco, 18; Travis Stoecklin, 21; and Savannah Winship-Cody, 17. Each was led out of the forest last Thursday night, unharmed, after being located by a police helicopter.

Here is DiFrancesco, speaking to 7News just after she reached safety.

Despite the problems they encountered, DiFrancesco told the Globe that the hike was worth it. Not only was it “beautiful,” the three did, in fact, see some UFOs, including “three bright lights in the formation of a triangle” and some kind of circular thing that was “bigger than the moon,” DiFrancesco said.

Night hikes are indeed a wonderful way to experience nature, and here’s hoping that the trio prepares a bit more before their next one.