For about 15 years, Chuck Palahniuk, author of the novels Fight Club, Choke, and Snuff, among others, lived in Portland, Oregon, where he combined and renovated two adjacent properties. Palahniuk sold the renovated home to Jolynn Winter in 2007, but left behind a little secret.

Recently, Winter undertook a fresh renovation, and stumbled across this secret when a contractor tore out part of a bathroom ceiling. Out came a time capsule from the previous owner, Winter reported on Facebook. Inside were all sorts of things.

There was a letter from the author himself:

And a signed copy of Palahniuk’s most famous book:

As well as some Palahniuk family photos:

And, finally, his original renovation plans for the bathroom:

“SO,THIS WAS A FUN REMODEL FIND!!!” Winter wrote on Facebook. “Very cool. Thanks Chuck Palahniuk!!! We’ll pay it forward!”

No word yet on what she plans to put in the ceiling.