Sometimes, when one truck ruins your day, another comes to your rescue. Seattle commuters were reminded of this yesterday morning, when a giant tanker caused a massive traffic jam, and a quick-thinking taco truck made the whole mess just a little better.

According to the Seattle Times, it all started Monday morning at 10 a.m., when a massive tanker full of propane overturned on Interstate 5, jamming the freeway in both directions. As commuters frantically tried to escape, the surrounding streets got blocked up, too, causing a massive gridlock. All in all, the highway was closed for about eight hours, the Times reports.

One vehicle caught up in the crush was a food truck from Tacos El Tajin. The self-declared “Best Mexican Food Truck in Seattle,” Tacos El Tajin serves tortas, burritos, gorditas and a lot of other treats that make, say, hours-long imprisonment in one’s own car slightly more bearable. With this in mind, around noon, employees decided to fire up the taco truck and start selling lunch.

Rachael and Mike McQuade, who were en route to the doctor when they got stuck, enjoyed two steak and two chicken tacos while missing their appointment. In a cell phone video shared by K5 News, Rachael creeps between rows of stalled cars, bemoaning how close she is to the choke point: “I can see the police cars,” she groans. Then she swings around to look the other way, her voice brightening: “And I can smell tacos.”

“We are ready to serve food, anywhere,” Thomas Lopez, the owner of El Tajin, said later. Who needs propane when you’ve got this kind of fuel?

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