It was a stomach-turning scene as a truck filled with offal flipped on its side and blocked a small highway in Wairoa, New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald reports.

The crash occurred Friday at 7 a.m., on State Highway 2. “About three quarters of the truck’s load spilled onto the road,” deputy fire chief Barry Gasson told the Herald. “You are talking sheep heads and other animal remains, along with diesel and oil from the truck.”

“It was all over the road,” he continued. (Graphic photos from the scene, which you can see here if you’re so inclined, back him up.) The driver suffered minor injuries, and was treated at the scene.

On Facebook, Wairoa Police praised local drivers, who they said showed extreme tolerance as they waited for cranes to clear the road. Nothing like seeing a bunch of severed heads to keep your own problems in perspective.