Have you ever watched an X-Games style snowboarding video, where the camera smoothly follows its target down the slope, and thought, “this is decent, but I wish that human athlete were a moose?”

Today is your lucky day. Cheri Luther and Amy Loofa were snowboarding at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado on Saturday when Luther snapped the above video, of an unexpected, four-hoofed powder junkie.

“I turned around to make sure [Loofa] was still behind me, but instead I saw a moose,” Luther later wrote on Instagram. Rather than stopping in the middle of the run, she explained, she figured it would be safer to keep going, and get some action shots.

If you’re having trouble getting up and going this Monday morning, this video will help—the moose is both swift and powerful as she hoofs it over the snow, and imagining her chasing you should provide a good kick out the door. Luther agrees: “I still have an adrenaline rush,” she wrote.

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